300 TPH Sand Screening Facility

VAA’s multidisciplinary team provided designs and facility layout for the expansion of two facilities, each now capable of producing 25,000 metric tons of sand per year.

Hager City, WI


The facility consisted mostly of new steel structures, including a 92’ tall screening building that included six large screeners. The building posed a challenge to design due to the excessive vibrations caused by the screeners.


VAA was able to design a structure that, while remaining economical, presented minimal vibrations when running at full capacity.

The components of the facility included truck receiving, drying, scalping, screening, storage, and truck and rail load out. The new facility operates at 300 tons an hour and has the capability to load out 21 rail cars per day.


  • Designed 300 TPH screening facility with capability to load out 21 rail cars per day
  • Re-purposed existing equipment, materials for cost and time savings
  • Reduced problematic screener vibrations



  • Proximity’s Design Build Contractor
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