Mechanical Engineering

Integrated expertise supports essential systems.

From heating to cooling, circulation to exhaust, containment to conveyance, VAA designs efficient systems to meet your needs and support your processes.

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Choose VAA for highly specialized expertise,

together with a focus on efficiency and cost management.

Mechanical systems are essential to your operations. From new construction to expansions, our engineers can facilitate the entire project – from conceptual design to construction documents and contractor support.

  • Design industrial/commercial HVAC systems
  • Plan material handling, conveying & dust containment systems
  • Design process heating & cooling systems
  • Engineer industrial steam & pneumatic systems
  • Plan & design refrigeration systems for food production & cold storage 
  • Design food-grade mechanical systems for sanitary applications

We focus on delivering value. Because in the long run, efficiency and execution will result in less rework and fewer problems.

Dave Olheiser | Partner | Sr Mechanical Engineer

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