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Over our 45-year history, VAA has completed thousands of projects in a broad range of industries and geographic locations. Explore a few of the unique solutions we've developed to address client challenges.

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Cooperative Farmers Elevator Feed Mill
VAA provided structural engineering and industrial architecture services for CFE’s new 780,000 tons/year feed mill, now one of the largest feed mills in the state.
Malt Production Facilities
VAA’s multidisciplinary team provided designs and facility layout for the expansion of two facilities, each now capable of producing 25,000 metric tons of malt per year.
300 TPH Sand Screening Facility
VAA’s multidisciplinary team provided designs and facility layout for the expansion of two facilities, each now capable of producing 25,000 metric tons of sand per year.
Seed Conditioning Facility
VAA led design efforts to upgrade a seed conditioning facility.
Flat Storage Dairy Feed Facility
VAA designed the first dairy mash feed mill in Michigan, resulting in a facility with a 35 ton/hour capacity with extensive safety features.
Koch Foods Replacement Feed Mill
VAA served as the primary design consultant on a new poultry feed mill, using 3D models for layout and design. The resulting mill is capable of producing over 15,000 tons of pelleted feed per week.
Overhead exterior view of Great Western Malting Facility Expansion with mountains in the distance
Great Western Malting Facility Expansion
VAA designed critical components, overcoming a challenging footprint, to help increase processing capacity by 120 percent.
Exterior view of large grain cleaning facility with vehicles parked in the foreground
8-Level Grain Cleaning Expansion
VAA provided comprehensive planning and design within an aggressive 18-month timeframe.
Exterior view of Crystal Valley Co-Op Shuttle Train Facility
Crystal Valley Co-op Shuttle Train Facility
VAA designed a shuttle train facility capable of handling 3.8 million bushels of corn or soybeans with a loadout capacity of 80,000 bushels/hour.
Interior view of a brewery's stills with a yellow walking plank
Summit Brewing Company Facility Expansion
VAA was selected to expand the headquarters of Summit Brewing to facilitate their entry into the canning market. The project had three phases including building expansion, new pipelines, and extensive remodeling.
Interior view of Fromm Family Foods Pet Food Expansion featuring processing plant
Fromm Family Foods Pet Food Expansion
VAA provided design services which allowed Fromm Family Foods to reduce truck receiving time by more than half while adding nearly four million pounds of storage to the facility, all while maintaining plant operations.
Exterior view of a rail moving toward the horizon and blue sky
Canola Crush Processing Facility — Rail Emphasis
VAA’ s multidiscipline team designed a facility capable of producing 850,000 metric tons of canola per year, including a challenging rail design that enabled trains to enter the facility at high speeds while minimizing residential highway blockage.
Construction of a protein enhancement facility in process
1,250 Tons/Hour Protein Enhancement Facility
VAA’s multidisciplinary team designed a first-of-its-kind animal nutrition production facility capable of loading out 1,250 tons of final product per hour. Project included the design of complex structures capable of housing substantial equipment loads as well as a compact conveying system designed as a cost saving measure.
Overhead view of large Soybean Processing Plant
3,800 TPD Soybean Processing Plant
VAA’s multidisciplinary engineering team produced 2,294 construction and fabrication drawings used to create a 3,800 TPD soybean processing facility on a 435-acre site capable of processing more than 40 million bushels/year.
Daytime exterior shot of a vintage boathouse with a pier and boats parked alongside
The Boathouse®
Meticulous design for a very complex 18,000 SF, 400-seat eatery. The structure includes a 38-foot clear story portion, a two-story portion, a 70-foot tower element, a dock bar and boardwalk areas.
Wide exterior illustration of a low office building
Crude Oil Transload Facility
Designed a facility that includes two 120,000-barrel crude oil storage tanks, a truck receiving area, rail loading, LACT system, and pumping capabilities. The plan included strategically allocated space for a future on-site refinery.
Wide exterior shot of a large ship at a port with a city in the background
TEMCO Ship Loading Rain Shield
VAA was brought in to determine a viable solution to remedy a substantial ship loading disruption due to rainfall each year. We designed a cantilevered roof nearly 9/10 of an acre in size that could be supported by current dock structures.

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