| November 8, 2023

VAA Grant Funding Expertise Helps Land Great Lakes PIDP Grant

Maritime Administration announced Friday the recipients of Port Infrastructure Development Program, or PIDP, grant funds.  In partnership with the Port of Milwaukee and The DeLong Co, Inc., VAA is excited to share its success in securing 1 of only 2 PIDP grants awarded to the Great Lakes area.  The award will be utilized to provide the most up-to-date technology and construct 2 silos with 1.4 million bushels of storage capacity for Phase II of Port of Milwaukee’s Agriculture Maritime Export Facility (AMEF). Phase II of the AMEF is not only crucial in providing access to international markets for Wisconsin grains, it is also vital in filling a void since the only grain handling facility in the Great Lakes region permanently closed in February of 2023.

PIDP grant funds are awarded on a highly competitive basis to projects that improve the efficiency, safety, and overall reliability within and surrounding a port.  Only $15 million was awarded to applicants from the Great Lakes area, nearly 10 million of that being awarded to VAA’s client, the Port of Milwaukee, and their project partner DeLong Co.

VAA’s Port and River Terminal Design team is harnessing multiple years of Grant Award Management expertise to provide application guidance and help the client and local port authorities acquire sought-after federal grant dollars.  VAA’s grant expertise doesn’t lie solely in the application process though, the VAA Team also supports clients through the life of the grant funding process by offering skilled advocacy, detailed tracking and reporting, and timely reimbursement management.

With an already notable track record in Grant Funding Management, VAA’s Port and River Terminal Design team is looking forward to the 2024 applications and increasing client grant funding award dollars.  To learn more about this service or to get in contact with a VAA representative for Maritime Grant Funds Management please visit here.

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