Dust Hazard Analysis

Specialized expertise supports compliance with national fire safety standards.

By facilitating a systematic evaluation of combustible dust hazards in your facility, VAA can help you in your efforts to maintain a clean, safe and compliant workplace.

VAA engineering expertise and agricultural

processing knowledge facilitate DHAs that help you identify and mitigate fire/explosion risk.

Due to the combustible and potentially explosive nature of certain manufacturing dusts and particulates, NFPA Standards require facility owners/operators to perform a dust hazard analysis (DHA) for newly constructed facilities (retroactively on existing facilities), which must be reviewed and updated every five years. We will work with you to:

  • Conduct site visit, observe processes & existing conditions
  • Identify potential fire, flash fire & explosion hazards
  • Document areas where hazards exist, current safeguards in place
  • Recommend additional protective measures based on industry & NFPA standards
  • Review & update every 5 years

The value we bring to each project is our diligence in finding the best solutions for our client’s vision. These solutions are the result of our passion and attention to design detail.

Joey Johnson | Senior Associate | Senior Designer

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