Structural Observation

Specialized expertise protects your investment.

As a preventive or advanced engineering service, VAA engineers evaluate conditions and examine discrete or holistic forces, as well as resistance of structures, assemblies and components. 

Consulting services help evaluate

whether construction is proceeding to plan, support preventive maintenance or determine root causes of a failure.

VAA structural observation and analysis services include field observation, advanced analysis and 3D modeling, with the goal of providing detailed reports and recommendations to support structural integrity.

  • Experienced in complex foundations & support systems
  • Skilled in seismic & high-wind design
  • Expertise in dynamic analysis & internal pressure resistance
  • Proficient in demands of waterfront engineering

We are able to apply advanced engineering software, techniques and expertise to meet clients’ pressing needs. The experience and judgment we have available is top-notch, and allows us to solve client challenges that do not fall within the normal design perspective.

Kelsey Brown | Partner | Sr Structural Engineer

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