Rail Inspection / Observation

Specialized expertise helps you manage track safety.

Understanding your track’s condition and having a preventive maintenance plan can help keep your team safe and limit operational downtime.

Your facility likely has

a regular maintenance schedule. How about your rail?

These complex systems – bearing thousands of tons – include problem-causing variables that can lead to lost productivity (or worse). VAA’s in-depth understanding of interfacility rail requirements and close working relationships with major railroads can be valuable assets in proactive rail inspection and help prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.

  • Guidance on how to incorporate rail inspection & observation into existing maintenance program
  • Educate personnel on safety issues to watch for as they work around tracks
  • Inspect turnouts & switches for elevation consistency, proper gauge, smoothly operating slide plates, frog connections, timbers
  • Inspect track for ties, rail, joints, gauge & level
  • Guidance on repair priorities – which are immediate, which can be deferred; areas to monitor on deferred repairs

Download a 15 point guide on preventative track maintenace

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