Crystal Valley Co-op Shuttle Train Facility

VAA designed a shuttle train facility capable of handling 3.8 million bushels of corn or soybeans with a loadout capacity of 80,000 bushels/hour.

Hope, MN


The project presented a number of unique design challenges, including additional support requirements for the large boot pit and tower as well as ensuring that the Union Pacific main line would not be disrupted by any of the new design elements.


The team designed a unique truss to strengthen and support the below-grade boot pit and 210-foot tower, and a new loop track (stretching over 8,000 feet) that allows shuttle trains to easily access the facility without disrupting the existing Union Pacific main line.

The rail terminal is capable of loading grain onto 110-car trains and accommodates the facility’s goal rail loadout capacity of 80,000 bushels/hour.


  • Designed 8,000 foot loop track to access new facility
  • Integrated future expansion flexibility into design
  • Coordinated between 4 clients to achieve desired outcome
  • Created 110-car train and 80,000 bushels/hr capacity
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