Koch Foods Replacement Feed Mill

VAA served as the primary design consultant on a new poultry feed mill, using 3D models for layout and design. The resulting mill is capable of producing over 15,000 tons of pelleted feed per week.

Rockmart, GA


Safety and employee wellbeing were project priorities, as well as ensuring that the mill complies with current NFPA safety regulations and is easier to clean/maintain.


The facility was designed for optimal safety and complies with NFPA standards with features such as all legs being located outside and pressure relief venting in required areas. The facility design also minimizes dust ledges by using tube steel for all structural steel in the mill and loadout tower, while providing space and access around equipment to enable easy maintenance and housekeeping.


  • Created 3D models for equipment layout and mill design
  • Designed mill for optimal safety and NFPA compliance
  • Incorporated shuttle train receiving pit and grain storage silos into new design
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