Summit Brewing Company Facility Expansion

VAA was selected to expand the headquarters of Summit Brewing to facilitate their entry into the canning market. The project had three phases including building expansion, new pipelines, and extensive remodeling.

St. Paul, MN


The broad scope of the project necessitated multiple phases, with city and plant leadership approval of each phase needed to meet both internal needs and external parameters.


VAA’s 3D modeling capabilities were used to allow Summit Brewing to view building elements and confirm design deliverables before construction began. The team presented the project to city leaders with confidence that it met exterior design parameters. The expansion occurred over the course of several years and effectively doubled the production rate at the facility for Summit Brewing.


  • Expanded cellar to house additional fermentation tanks
  • Added new pipeline and foundation supports
  • Remodeled to accommodate increased production facilities, offices, and hospitality suite
  • Created 3D models of each building element and design deliverable
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