TEMCO Ship Loading Rain Shield

VAA was brought in to determine a viable solution to remedy a substantial ship loading disruption due to rainfall each year. We designed a cantilevered roof nearly 9/10 of an acre in size that could be supported by current dock structures.

Tacoma, WA


Rainfall was causing TEMCO’s Port of Portland ship loading facility to be disrupted one month a year, crippling production. Options were limited because the area was extremely sensitive to environmental disruptions.


VAA analyzed the issue, determining a cantilevered roof over the ships could be constructed without the need for a new foundation. The slipform, reinforced silo structure and the heavily piled dock provided the residual carrying capacity to support a roof nearly 9/10 of an acre in size.


  • Designed nearly a 1-acre roof to withstand high wind, moderate seismic loads, and ice
  • Analyzed site and strategically designed roof to avoid environmental disruption
  • Innovated design proved vertical clearance between ship cranes and loading booms
  • Developed 3D model to demonstrate roof from various vantage points
  • Finished roof included tapered trusses and 150-ft cantilevers
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