Associate | Senior Civil Engineer

Andy Berenberg, PE, LEED AP

Every job has its challenges. Sometimes I try to remind the partners VAA collaborates with that the easy projects have already been done. But when you surround yourself with the right people, a team of owners, developers, architects, engineers, and designers can do extraordinary things.

Andy Berenberg

About Andy Berenberg

Andy has a lot of energy. Passionate about pedaling, he loves the chance to get his bicycle outside and find new trails to blaze. Andy is also a beer vendor (“Beer here!”), and he gets plenty of steps in while scaling the stairs at ballfields and stadiums. More than the game or event itself, what he enjoys most is the exhilarating atmosphere of a live group experience.

At VAA, Andy funnels this enthusiasm and camaraderie into managing the civil design for commercial, retail, industrial, and residential building projects. He is a true team player and always strives to lead with encouragement, directing others in a manner that enables them to take ownership of their task or role. Whether he’s designing grading/earthwork or utilities, preparing hydrology calculations, or developing a stormwater plan, Andy takes a hands-on approach to teaching others. He wouldn’t ask anyone to perform a task that he wouldn’t willingly do himself.

Andy’s interest in construction began at a young age when he went to visit his aunt’s house while it was still being built. He recalls watching the workers and telling his mother that he too wanted to be a builder someday. Now, as an Associate and Senior Civil Engineer, Andy is proud whenever he drives by a project that he helped design. It always brings to mind the collaboration and camaraderie that went into bringing it to fruition.

Embrace the challenge.

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