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Andy LaPalme, PE, LEED AP

VAA provides an opportunity to work on an array of projects, a direct result of developing strong relationships over the years as well as working to establish new ones. Quality, commitment and service to clients are priorities and I am proud to work with people who share in this dedication.

Andy LaPalme

About Andy LaPalme

Andy credits his success in the Civil Engineering Group to hard work, but also to a company-wide culture that promotes project diversity and offers every employee the encouragement to learn and grow. Outside of the office, he is a busy father, saying it is his twin boys that constantly inspire him to grow. As a natural leader and mentor to other employees, Andy appreciates the company mentality and understands the value of working closely with trustworthy people.

Andy has demonstrated leadership skills throughout his life. Although a lesser-known talent, Andy was an all-conference first chair trombonist in high school, a position that speaks to his intrinsic determination and discipline. Starting at VAA in 2008, he rose quickly through the ranks and was promoted to Senior Associate in 2014. Andy consistently works across the agricultural, buildings and industrial market sectors. He fosters professional relationships by keeping owners’ best interest at the forefront of the design process. As Partner, Andy treats his leadership role as an opportunity to work with both new and repeat clients, helping shape the direction of the firm’s growth.

While he’s completed project work in both the private and public sector, Andy focuses much of his energy on improving commodity handling and educational facilities throughout the United States. In addition to broad project oversight, Andy’s technical efforts include utility design, grading, stormwater plan preparation and site planning.

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