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Ben Severtson, PE

Collaboration and creativity are two signature traits of VAA. Everyone pulls together on a project to ensure their individual effort is at its best while contributing to the team and the project as a whole.

Ben Severtson

About Ben Severtson

Having completed several marathons, Ben can often be found preparing for the next event. He considers races like projects; it is important to prepare for immediate client requests, but equally important is to improve skills for future efforts.

Overseeing retail and restaurant projects in VAA’s Buildings sector, Ben understands the impact of integrating design aesthetics and brand image with structural design. He also has experience with warehouse / distribution centers and material storage facilities. Ben’s work in precast, tilt-up and steel construction has spanned the United States and Canada.

Ben enjoys providing solutions that meet the engineering demands of a project, but also work within other affiliated disciplines. It’s a rewarding role for him to manage multiple projects simultaneously, while maintaining his workload to produce quality plan documents.

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