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Brian Utoft, PE

Understanding our clients’ big picture goals helps to drive our teams to deliver the best design we can.

Brian Utoft

About Brian Utoft

To some a live concert is the best way to experience music – the venue, crowd energy and shared experience with friends is exhilarating. A self-professed music junky having seen over 200 artists in the last 15 years, Brian is an engineering front man bringing out the best performance possible of his team to leave a memorable impression of VAA with clients.

Brian manages the design of heavy industrial facilities, including wet and dry grain processing, seed conditioning and mineral processing. A natural aptitude for numbers and genuine interest to understand client’s business beyond projects, Brian is an essential player in VAA’s business development efforts. He also orchestrates initiatives for improving communication, documentation and drawing standards in project management, equipment layout, and group dynamics corporate wide.

Brian is actively involved in the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and Master Brewers Association of the Americas. He supports industry efforts through the activities of the local chapters and is a familiar face representing VAA at trade shows.

Brian’s ever-present “people first” mentality is apparent at VAA as he inspires a team philosophy among others; influences the company’s culture; strategically uses industry knowledge to advance business development opportunities; and offers value to clients beyond design.

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