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Chris Broderson, PE

I have personally experienced few things more gratifying than a problem solved or a job well done, but more satisfying than these is a team working together to accomplish shared goals beyond the reach of any individual.

Chris Broderson

About Chris Broderson

“Go big or go home,” is a mantra that comes to mind when describing Chris. His most recent larger-than-life adventure was canoeing with his three children through the Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario. Totaling 320 miles, the trip involved 97 portages over 16 days. Starting with a simple activity like canoeing, taking it to the extreme, and maximizing the experience for everyone involved is an intriguing metaphor for his business practices.

As a Senior Structural Engineer, it is second nature for Chris to evaluate detail, while keeping the big picture in view. He has the ability to see and communicate complicated systems in terms of basic principles. Just like the wilderness canoe trip, he pursues effective solutions and best results with determined focus. This mindset is applied to design solutions for large-scale industrial facilities and meticulous oversight of construction document preparation for major projects.

Chris values teamwork, open communication and shared problem solving. The emphasis on employees is evident as he leads engagement initiatives, trains engineers and technicians and consistently gives more than expected. He encourages others to embrace new challenges and explore new horizons.

Embrace the challenge.

Engage your problem-solving talents and continue honing your craft in an environment focused on setting our teams and clients up for long-term success.

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