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Doug Rohkohl

There is art in design made possible by the details in a process. The work at VAA is rewarding if I can rally a team to deliver, learn and grow when helping our clients.

Doug Rohkohl

About Doug Rohkohl

If one word could describe Doug it is “detailed.” Growing up, Doug’s LEGOs were more than toys – they took the form of cities complete with restaurants, stores, airports and emergency services. Everything had a purpose and a place. Doug has since channeled this naturally detailed demeanor into general arrangement design and structural drafting for grain elevators, feed mills and other agricultural and industrial bulk materials handling / processing facilities.

As an Associate, Doug enjoys taking the requirements for a facility and “solving the puzzle” with an economical solution. His willingness to take on new challenges and project types has extended his knowledge, making him a valuable mentor and resource for clients.

Doug’s role as a Senior Designer encompasses services from the early stage of project planning to project closeout. He prepares construction documents, specifications and oversees plan quality reviews. Alongside his technical skills, Doug is responsible for facilitating communication between internal and external team members to ensure project schedules and budgets are maintained.

Embrace the challenge.

Engage your problem-solving talents and continue honing your craft in an environment focused on setting our teams and clients up for long-term success.

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