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Greg Mosier, PE, SE

The value we offer on projects is our ability to collaborate effectively with clients and design team members. If I am able to actively contribute to solving a problem, the reward is stronger project team interactions and forging meaningful relationships during the process.

Greg Mosier

About Greg Mosier

What do Minnesota and Montana have in common (hint: beyond the letter “M”)? Both states have served as home sweet home for Structural Engineer, Greg Mosier. His upbringing on a cattle ranch in the mountains of Montana play a dual role as a happy haven to escape and unwind and in developing his strong work ethic – emphasizing a care in quality and due diligence.

Greg is a steadfast technical resource in the Buildings sector and to others at VAA. His projects span an array of industries – from retail, hospitality and office buildings to complicated designs nationwide requiring close coordination with owners, architects, other design disciplines and contractors. Using a “MacGyver mindset” for problem solving on the ranch, Greg thrives when challenged to shift his perspective away from standard structural engineering to focus on complex building response. His experience in moderate to high seismic regions along the West Coast requires designs that allow buildings to flex under strain of natural disasters to protect building occupants.

VAA’s Mentor Program resonates with Greg as he is compelled to mentor others and embrace the genuine nature of VAA’s Vision and Values. As a Senior Associate, he appreciates the opportunity to influence project outcomes and participate in the development of the firm’s culture and business planning efforts.

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