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Joey Johnson

The value we bring to each project is our diligence in finding the best solutions for our client’s vision. These solutions are the result of our passion and attention to design details.

Joey Johnson

About Joey Johnson

Growing up in Alexandria, Minnesota, Joey became unusually proficient in two things: racecar driving and agribusiness facility construction. His racing career started with go-karts at the age of eight and progressed to racing in the American Speed Association Midwest Tour. Alongside his racing, Joey worked at his father’s design-build construction company starting at the age of 15. Branching out from the family business, he applied his unstoppable drive to the design of agribusiness facilities and earned his current position at VAA as an Associate and Senior Designer.

With experience in both the construction and design aspects of agribusiness work, Joey is uniquely qualified to advise clients and present solutions for a variety of projects. His knowledge of site master planning, industry standards and construction methods help clients plan from design development through construction completion and realize a vision for their facility. He works on a range of projects from greenfield sites to facility expansions, focusing on grain handling and feed mill facilities. For Joey, the most rewarding part of his job is creating a resource that will help grow a client’s business.

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