Senior Associate | Accounting Manager

K.C. Harris

My motto is: try to be as responsive as possible as quickly as possible whenever possible. The more quickly I can help my coworkers with their accounting needs, the faster they can get back to their areas of expertise. I enjoy seeing how the input my department provides enables VAA staff to focus on the growth of the company.

K.C. Harris

About K.C. Harris

K.C. eats numbers for breakfast. Not literally, but he is usually busy crunching away before many of us have enjoyed our first cup of coffee. Managing the books for a growing company that has taken on increasingly larger projects over the years requires focus and attention to detail, and K.C. finds both easier to come by if he gets an early start. It also frees up his afternoons for fueling his musicophile mindset and playing a bit of guitar. Having taught himself how to play at a young age, K.C. enjoys recording instrumental music and building his guitar collection.

K.C. has been responsible for managing VAA’s Accounting department for nearly two decades now. Along with two staff members, he oversees payroll and expense reporting, client invoicing, daily business transactions, and international taxes for overseas project work. He also collaborates with the firm’s partners to provide financial reporting and analysis that aids in planning and budgeting across the firm. K.C. strives to be proactive by anticipating upcoming requests whenever possible.

Both K.C.’s accounting and leadership skills have grown along with the firm. He is known for being prompt, accurate, organized, and reliable. As a leader, K.C. considers consistent communication to be important, and he makes sure his team and his coworkers know he has an open door/open phone policy when questions arise. Just don’t expect to catch the early bird too late in the evening, because he’ll be busy perusing the latest music review of one of his favorite bands or likely sound asleep.

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