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Kelsey Brown, PE, SE

In the past 20 years I’ve seen an increasing emphasis on speed for both design and construction in our industry. The software and drafting systems we have available are incredible. I personally enjoy the opportunity to solve client challenges that do not fall in the normal design perspective.

Kelsey Brown

About Kelsey Brown

Kelsey participates in a variety of musical organizations. It’s a passion that helps him bring renewed daily creativity to his job managing a large team of designers, technicians and expert engineers. In the office, Kelsey’s role includes working closely with his team to produce quality construction documents for agribusiness and industrial clients. He manages high-level client relationships, oversees quality control reviews and provides ongoing technical expertise to his staff.

With a reputation for producing industrial structure designs in high seismic areas, structural dynamics and other unusual loadings, Kelsey’s knowledge of ACI, AISC, ASCE-7 and IBC United States design standards and codes are often applied to his work in unconventional ways. His technical expertise, along with practicality gleaned from years of work on a variety of structures and systems throughout the United States, provides VAA’s clientele a valuable resource.

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