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Kevin Full, PE, LEED AP

The value we bring to our clients originates from the individual expertise of our project members, but it’s the collective experience of our company as a whole that helps VAA deliver great service and a collaborative team effort.

Kevin Full

About Kevin Full

Captivation with the physical world – natural to man-made marvels – is a principal motivator in Kevin’s life. When Kevin is not spending time with his family, he enjoys mountain biking on trails or looking for his next adventure in the great outdoors, no matter the season. As a Structural Engineer, Kevin’s fervor for engineering and his fascination with the facilities and systems that shape the world around us has led to many of his professional achievements, including his expertise in large waterfront infrastructure projects and becoming a Partner at VAA.

As a specialist in intermodal and maritime terminal design, Kevin enjoys finding the “silver bullet” on a project – a simple, realistic solution that effectively meets the client’s needs and yields value to the project as a whole. He is committed to providing exceptional service and carries this through his work in VAA’s Agribusiness and Industrial sectors. Kevin’s passion for the structural design of waterfront infrastructure and his extensive experience in specialty structural designs – from seismic design to vibration analysis for many construction types – makes him a unique technical resource to the company and a sought-after expert to his clients. Working alongside his clients as a Partner, Kevin makes use of all available resources to define the best solution with honest, integrity, and grit.

Kevin is eager to serve others and strives to be a catalyst for the growth of the engineers and designers on his team. He’s passionate about their career growth and continuously seeks out opportunities for his team members to excel and achieve their goals.

Embrace the challenge.

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