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Landon Pohl, PE

Consistently supporting the person sitting next to you builds teams based on trust and allows VAA to serve clients at our best.

Landon Pohl

About Landon Pohl

An innate early riser, Landon brings his positive attitude and steadfast commitment to work daily (and often before daylight). Undoubtedly, when you see Landon he will meet your eye with a smile and cheerful greeting. A friend to many in the office, Landon believes building trust between colleagues and clients is what makes strong teams.

Landon’s role leads him to be invested in several projects at once. His skill for managing his time and project details is clear in his work, from straightforward site planning and utility coordination to multidiscipline agribusiness and industrial efforts. As one of the civil contacts for a well-known Fortune 500 company in the Midwest, he has maintained a level of project work and client management that continues to strengthen this relationship. Internally and externally, Landon has been applauded for problem solving, anticipating challenges and contributing technical input that benefits projects.

A constant resource for younger team members, Landon is known as a patient teacher who fully engages in each discussion. He takes time to clearly communicate his expectations, answer questions and perform detailed reviews of the team’s work. The result – a civil team that continues to grow and produce consistently for their clients.

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