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Mark Mielke, PE, P Eng, LEED AP

One of my responsibilities is mentoring great staff to help make strong design teams. It is very rewarding to know that our clients can count on a great team to provide experience, effective communication, flexibility and abstract thinking on projects and capture opportunities to build relationships.

Mark Mielke

About Mark Mielke

As a hobby, Mark is a self-taught welder and appreciates the time and commitment it takes to create a striking yet functional design. Initially, his interest in architecture pointed him in the direction of design, but an affinity for process and sequence of buildings made him realize his true fit as a structural engineer.

Mark’s role in the VAA’s Buildings Group involves managing, marketing and making design happen. He works with architects and contractors on a range of projects within the retail, hospitality, industrial and corporate markets. Known for clear communication and incorporating client feedback, Mark provides practical design that supports the architectural vision for a project. Bringing experience with various building materials and an understanding of project limitations and life safety code, he allows clients to make informed decisions to meet their project goals.

A versatile leader, his ability to multi-task and motivate others is evident in the results he delivers. Members of Mark’s team respect his project management skill and know their contributions will be valued. He also collaborates internally on recruiting efforts to find outstanding people to build cohesive VAA client teams.

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