Associate | Senior Structural Designer

Mason Rehbein, LEED AP

I’m an advocate of taking someone under your wing to guide and elevate their skills. If I can take extra steps to steer employees towards accomplishing their goals, it not only benefits VAA, it provides better results to our clients.

Mason Rehbein

About Mason Rehbein

Few can deny the importance of a solid drummer in a band – a consistent timekeeper helping create constructive art and order instead of random noise. How does Mason’s role as an indie rock band drummer relate to designing buildings for VAA’s commercial and industrial clients? Simple: coordination and guidance.

An attentive Senior Structural Designer, Mason’s unwavering high standards set a rhythm for the team’s performance and drawing production. He ensures quality control through peer reviews and as an advocate for using 3D modeling in project coordination. As one of the original Revit users at VAA, Mason’s program knowledge has made him a “glitch fixer” when others experience software problems. In working with less experienced staff, he shares how to communicate the design intent contained within a 3D model using 2D drawings.

Mason’s mentoring is a natural aspect of his work. He motivates drafters to produce better designs and seek out ways to improve. Mason embodies the culture of VAA, making sure employees are welcomed, valued and appreciated. He is an internal resource able to share details that build awareness and help projects (and indie rock bands) run smoothly.

Embrace the challenge.

Engage your problem-solving talents and continue honing your craft in an environment focused on setting our teams and clients up for long-term success.

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