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Megan Byrne

VAA builds lasting and successful relationships with our clients by providing not only subject matter expertise but a collaborative environment to ensure we deliver the most effective and efficient solution for each individual project.

Megan Byrne

About Megan Byrne

When Megan isn’t in the office or touring the latest plant or facility she helped design, she’s enjoying the outdoors, whether that be on one of Minnesota’s many great lakes or when she’s traveling with her family.

Beyond her love for the outdoors is Megan’s love for structural engineering and getting to see a design from concept to construction.  Megan herself has played a pivotal role in advancing VAA’s technical abilities in geotechnical pile and pipe stress analysis while also taking lead on projects with developing, new clients. Megan takes pride in not just her work as a an individual but also the broadly talented team of people she has the pleasure of working with at VAA.

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