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Paul Antila

Someone once told me ‘New construction should never look like an afterthought.’ I enjoy working with team members across various disciplines and providing value to our clients by understanding their needs to reach a results-oriented solution that looks seamless.

Paul Antila

About Paul Antila

Paul is an avid family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and son, as well as spending time in the kitchen thinking up his next culinary dish or working through a home remodeling project.  Attention to detail and food quality go together with both Paul’s personal passions and his expertise at VAA.

Paul primarily works in sanitary design, managing multi-disciplinary projects and taking a lead role in further developing the food and beverage submarket at VAA. After being mentored by a senior engineer and senior architect early on in his career, Paul still enjoys diving into the details of a design and finds it satisfying seeing an initial concept evolve into a completed project.   With his comprehensive experience, Paul works diligently to always ensure the engineering accommodates the client’s vision.

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