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Robert Deardorff

When you leverage something, you use it to its maximum advantage. I think of my job as helping VAA leverage our software and skills to the best of our abilities. This, in turn, allows our clients to leverage our services to achieve the best results for their projects.

Robert Deardorff

About Robert Deardorff

Robert credits his grandfather with having the strongest influence in shaping both his personal and professional life. His grandfather flew many bombing missions in Germany during WWII, and after returning to the states, he became one of the first structural engineers in California. When Robert joined the family business, his grandfather became an impressive example of hard work and professionalism, along with humor and approachability, that Robert strives to live up to every day.

As VAA’s BIM Manager, Robert is responsible for managing all BIM software, training, and research. He loves helping people solve problems and finding ways to improve workflows and processes, and he says working at VAA means that he gets to leverage these skills for people he genuinely enjoys being around. Robert doesn’t subscribe to the theory that “no news is good news”, but instead feels that constructive feedback, when combined with encouragement, can be a powerful motivator. He’s also conscious of the importance of being a good listener.

Robert has worked hard on getting fit and has turned his occasional workouts into a consistent habit that he really enjoys. His favorite activities are swimming and using an elliptical machine, and he says the lost weight and increased energy improve his overall mood and also help him focus better on his work. Perhaps bowling should be added back into his fitness routine – Robert has bowled three 300 games and once almost qualified for Team USA bowling.

Embrace the challenge.

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