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Terry Mahr

I enjoy working with my team because they are always willing to put forward the extra effort to get a project done to meet demanding deadlines, plus their flexibility and willingness to assist other teams when needed is admirable.

Terry Mahr

About Terry Mahr

Terry knows a good thing when he sees it. After graduating from Dunwoody College of Technology, he accepted a position with VAA. Over twenty years later, his “good thing” continues in his role as Principal.

Terry credits his successful career at VAA to two things: absorbing and admiring his father’s incredible work ethic as he grew up, and the rush that comes from being part of a constantly evolving industry that offers new rewards with every project.

A man of many talents, Terry coordinates staffing workloads for technicians and designers in VAA’s Buildings market. In addition, he leads VAA’s recruiting efforts seeking new, qualified talent while mentoring and empowering young professionals within the firm to take their career to the next level.

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