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Tina Frye

I’m proud to be part of a firm so committed to their vision and values. This commitment helps build a strong financial and operational foundation that not only engages our people, but allows them to bring their best work to our clients.

Tina Frye

About Tina Frye

You might not think that a financial background would come in handy when you are leading a youth sports team. But as a mom to three active girls, Tina can tell you her accounting skills, organizational nature, and leadership experience all come into play when managing her middle daughter’s soccer team.

Leading people is one of Tina’s strengths. As Chief Financial Officer and Director of Operations at VAA, she oversees finance and accounting, human resources, information technology, and administrative functions. She sees a strong connection between company culture and the success and growth of an organization. Promoting employee engagement and a positive work environment are important factors in her leadership style. She also recognizes that an effective leader doesn’t necessarily need to know every answer, but can rely on the strengths of team members to come up with the best solution.

Tina’s career in financial and operational leadership spans 25 years. Early on, she developed an interest in how financial data could influence everyday business decisions and then drive the strategy of an organization. She is grateful to have had a long-term manager who encouraged her to set big goals, ask questions, and share opinions. Tina enjoys the challenge and excitement of helping her own team members meet their goals and grow in their careers, and having an impact on VAA’s overall vision.

Embrace the challenge.

Engage your problem-solving talents and continue honing your craft in an environment focused on setting our teams and clients up for long-term success.

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