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Vlad Dain, PE, P Eng, LEED AP

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Vlad Dain

About Vlad Dain

Originally from Moscow, Russia and a family of engineers, Vlad was inspired to continue the family tradition and join the engineering field. After graduating from the Moscow State University of Geodesy, and later Penn State University, he made his way to VAA to become the sole member of the Mechanical Group. Today, through Vlad’s efforts, the group has steadily grown into a team of mechanical engineers and designers and boasts a portfolio of industrial and agricultural service offerings.

Vlad’s tenacity is a key attribute in his role as Mechanical Department Manager. On a daily basis he is responsible for overseeing the preparation and quality reviews of design deliverables; staff training and development; and the continued expansion of the Department’s capabilities in balance-of-plant design and industrial processes.

Known as a patient and motivating mentor, Vlad supports his staff in their pursuit of professional career goals and guides them with respect for their individual learning styles. As a Partner, he extends this thoughtful approach in technical and personal growth efforts into developing VAA’s business goals. One vehicle for these efforts is his participation in VAA’s Professional Subcommittee. Vlad and the other Subcommittee members contribute to company-wide decisions about professional licensing and technical training opportunities.

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