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Bernie Jansen

My client philosophy is to start small, earn trust and build relationships that benefit the firm and our clients so we can grow stronger together.

Bernie Jansen

About Bernie Jansen

It was a love of technical drafting that got Bernie started in his engineering career. Back in high school that meant pencils and T-squares, but today he leads a team that employs the latest 3D AutoCAD to help clients meet their engineering goals.

Bernie’s role at VAA ranges from leadership and mentoring to hands on project management and problem solving. He’s integrally involved in marketing the firm’s capabilities to prospective clients while mentoring designers, engineers and technicians dedicated to agricultural and industrial projects.

A fixture in VAA’s process design and facility layout services, Bernie’s work on grain elevators, storage structures and feed and flour milling facilities has established the firm’s reputation for outstanding customer service and design excellence. Outside the office, Bernie is an avid woodworker, water sport enthusiast and committed volunteer in his community.

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