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Ian M. Ison

Each project we receive is unique; the thing that always remains consistent is VAA’s dedication and seamless team collaboration on every single project.

Ian M. Ison

About Ian M. Ison

Ian can contribute his recently discovered love for coffee brewing to VAA.  While at a VAA charity fundraiser, Ian selected a pack of coffee beans, noting that’s when he first fell into the rabbit hole of all the nuances of a pleasurable cup (or carafe) of coffee. Ian has found new joy in the art of being caffeinated while experimenting with the control variables to extract the best from the bean, and mastering technique, to keep consistency in each cup.  While not in pursuit of the perfect brew, Ian also enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants, and spending time with family.

Ian can’t contribute his initial passion for engineering to VAA, though.  Ian is a second-generation Chemical Engineer, sharing an interest in machinery, buildings, and electronics with his father.  While the technical side of the field may contribute to his initial interest in engineering, Ian gives credit to his mother for helping him appreciate the importance of people and maintaining relationships.   With the influence of both his mother and father, Ian brings invaluable skills and passion to his career at VAA.

While Ian has only been at VAA for just over 4 years, he gives major kudos to VAA’s leadership team.  Noting VAA understands that everyone is unique and earnestly encourages team members to fine-tune their technical and project execution skills.

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