| February 14, 2024

Five Promoted to Associate

With the recent announcement of several promotions in 2024, VAA is excited to share that Jeremiah Graunke, Ian Ison, Mike Langhorst, Joe Mehok, and James Snyder have been promoted to Associates.  This distinction is the next step for VAA team members who have shown proven commitment to their roles at VAA, their leadership helping advance the company, clients, and their team members.

Graunke has been with VAA the longest of VAA’s new associates, starting in 2008 after completing his degree in Architectural Drafting and Cost Estimation at Dunwoody College of Technology.  Now a key technical resource, Graunke works in VAA’s Ag sector, primarily serving several longstanding clients while also developing new client relationships and helping fellow staff progress in their careers.

Ison started with VAA in 2019 as a Senior Process Engineer. He is known for increasing VAA’s capabilities in the process engineering space and having an instrumental impact on clients and his team members by providing excellent and knowledgeable service.

Langhorst joined VAA in 2018 as a Senior Mechanical Engineer.  In his 5 years at VAA, Langhorst has made leaps and bounds in increasing VAA’s Mechanical Engineering expertise.  As with his fellow new Associates, Langhorst is also a key technical mentor and resource for clients and his team members alike.

Mehok began working at VAA in 2011 as a Technician.  Since joining VAA, Mehok has helped develop and maintain vital client relationships in VAA’s Agribusiness market all while building a solid team of his own.  Mehok is also an excellent mentor and technical resource.

Snyder has been with VAA since 2016, playing a major role in the growth of VAA’s Ag and Industrial business.  Snyder has also proven to be an invaluable resource for technical expertise on the VAA team.

While Graunke, Ison, Langhorst, Snyder, and Mehok’s impacts on VAA thus far are already expansive, VAA is excited to see what the future holds for the group.

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