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Joe Mehok

We take pride in being able to build trust with our clients by providing solutions that lead to positive results. It is rewarding when you step back from a completed project to know you played a part in making it a success.

Joe Mehok

About Joe Mehok

In true Minnesotan fashion, Joe enjoys hunting, fishing, farming, snowmobiling, and spending time at his lake cabin up north.  When he’s not enjoying the great outdoors or spending time in Northern Minnesota, Joe can be found modifying cars and trucks or searching for old relics and coins through metal detecting.

With a love for farming, it’s no surprise Joe is thriving in his role in VAA’s ag/industrial group.  Joe enjoys seeing a project through, from its start as literally nothing to being physically built and becoming operational.  Having been on the VAA team for 13 years, Joe has been on board through many pivotal moments at VAA and has thoroughly relished watching VAA grow and succeed over time.

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