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Jeremiah Graunke

I enjoy working for a company that values their clients and employees equally. VAA has a culture in place which empathizes helping each other develop as professionals, while creating high quality engineering solutions for our clients. Leadership at VAA also understands that their employees go home to their families every night and provides the flexibility to balance the challenges of both work and life. It is the people that I work with and the client relationships that I have helped develop over the years that keep me coming back to work excited to contribute.

Jeremiah Graunke

About Jeremiah Graunke

As a faithful Minnesota Vikings fan, Jeremiah knows resilience and dedication.  Jeremiah shares his passion for Minnesota not only by supporting it’s NFL team with his family, but also by enjoying the many aspects of Minnesota living including fishing, snowmobiling, camping, and time spent on the lake with his family and friends.  Outside of his lake time and other outdoor activities, Jeremiah can be found enjoying light home remodeling and woodworking projects.

What many would consider a VAA veteran, Jeremiah joined the company over 16 years ago fresh out of college.  His love for design and constructing things began before his college career though; when Jeremiah partook in woodworking classes in high school where he was first introduced to drafting.  From there Jeremiah dove further into construction design and planning throughout his college career and then brought his expertise and interest for the field to VAA.

Jeremiah’s passion for construction and design isn’t all that he enjoys about his career at VAA, he also thoroughly appreciates VAA’s culture.  In particular, the way VAA treats its employees and the relationships that he has developed with his team and the clients that he serves.  Noting that the unwavering support of his collective team plays a large role in the success of our projects and VAA as whole. The relationships that are built both internally and with our clients during these projects are what keeps him excited to come back to work every day.

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