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Mike Langhorst

Working on the VAA team has been great. It’s amazing to see the vast knowledge base we have; all stemming from the different backgrounds and experience each individual brings to the table. I would be surprised to find a project out there that we couldn’t do.

Mike Langhorst

About Mike Langhorst

A sports lover, Mike enjoys snowboarding and playing hockey, broomball, and softball.  When he’s not on the slopes or the rink or field, he’s spending time with family and remaining active.

Mike joined VAA 5 years ago as a Senior Mechanical Engineer and has been having fun ever since.  Mike chose a career in the mechanical engineering field because of his attention to detail and love for building things.  Fortunately, Mike gets the opportunity to incorporate what he loves with what he does, now leading project teams and heading up large piping projects with key VAA clients.

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