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Nat Schmidt

In many organizations technology is just something that happens. But at VAA it’s an integral part of the company and how business is done. I’ve never worked at any other place that values and empowers its business function and employees the way VAA does which in turn provides the services client’s value.

Nat Schmidt

About Nat Schmidt

Nat learned the value of hard work, self-motivation and dedication as a milkman in high school. Beginning his freshmen year at Fergus Falls Senior High School, Nat’s days began at 3:30 a.m. delivering milk door to door. In his role as IT Manager, the values Nat learned growing up continue to serve him and VAA employees.

Working closely with other members of the Leadership Team, Nat continuously identifies goals to integrate technology strategies at the firm. Nat’s drive to work in technology was due, in part, to its ability to help a business thrive from its core. He also manages VAA’s facility / building operations, including mechanical, electrical, fire / life safety and security.

In a highly technical industry like engineering, Nat is also relied on to manage the company’s hardware and software needs, network security and current programs to ensure every team is equipped with the necessary tools to conduct business and meet client needs.

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