| February 13, 2024

Five Named Senior Associates

Among the exciting promotions at VAA in 2024 are the promotions of Travis Beck, Nick Hubbard, Nat Schmidt, Lisa Stock, and Shawn Vanhove. Each of the five has played an integral role in VAA’s growth and will continue in the future with how they look to build upon their already prominent influence on VAA, their teams, and their clients.

Beck started working with VAA in 2010 and finally joined the VAA teams in 2015 as an Architect.  He has since become the Manager of VAA’s Architectural team.  As lead, Beck has guided his team through growth in both size and technical abilities.  He has also been a fundamental influence on his teammates as a mentor, teacher, and technical resource.

Hubbard’s career at VAA first began in 2005 working with VAA’s Structural Buildings Group.  After leaving in 2006, he returned in 2011 to VAA’s Civil / Rail Group.  With his can-do attitude, it’s no surprise Hubbard has played a vital role in the growth of VAA’s Civil / Rail group.  Hubbard has a knack for building successful client relationships and being a technical resource/mentor to many within VAA.

Schmidt started at VAA in 2006 and has since been a guiding force for VAA’s IT and Facilities team.  Thus, it comes as no surprise Schmidt is now the lead of VAA’s IT and Facilities Team.  While a lot of Schmidt’s work happens in the background, his vast IT knowledge, facility know-how, as well as cyber security diligence are what keep VAA running safely and soundly.

Stock started at VAA in 2019 and quickly rose through the ranks. Her impact on VAA has proven just as advantageous.  Stock is currently the lead of VAA’s Human Resources Team, playing a key role in all things HR including talent acquisition, training, compliance, and retention.  Beyond the key pillars of her role at VAA, Stock also serves as a trusted ear and mentor to many at VAA.

Vanhove started at VAA in 2007 and is currently the lead of VAA’s Sioux Falls office where he has played a vital role in the growth of the office and the team members who work with him.    Known for his client relationship-focused drive, Vanhove is well-regarded among VAA’s clients and partners.

With the announcement of Beck, Hubbard, Schmidt, Stock, and Vanhove VAA extends the utmost congratulations.

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