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Nick Hubbard

The most rewarding aspect of working at VAA is being in a position to enrich the careers of those around me and to bring a strategic and innovative perspective to each project.

Nick Hubbard

About Nick Hubbard

Nick has a penchant for chasing opportunities. Seeing an old house for its hidden potential, Nick became a first-time home owner and has been steadily remodeling it himself. Participating in and enjoying a CAD drafting class in high school, he pursued the career to his current role within the civil engineering team. From personal projects and outdoor adventures to his versatile role at VAA, Nick continually looks forward.

As an Associate and client manager, Nick is responsible for the engineering, design and production of sitework and rail projects from schematic design through construction. Showing skill and interest in developing rail knowledge, he has taken on a lead role in rail design and navigating railroad submittal processes. His leadership in advancing VAA’s technical proficiency can be seen in his 3D modeling efforts. An early supporter of the Civil 3D program, Nick has helped train his colleagues and streamline multidiscipline project coordination.

By transitioning between independent discipline and team participation, Nick improves the technical skill and efficiency of those around him. He is known for initiating next steps and anticipating project challenges. Along with this innate drive, clients and colleagues alike value his insightful perspective. Nick is a true leader by example, using his work ethic and industry knowledge to inspire collective improvement.

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