| November 27, 2023

After 31 years, VAA’s Connie Cronquist Retires

After 31 years of dedicated service, Connie Cronquist will be retiring from VAA at the end of the month.  In her words, “31 years is a great run, I’ve absolutely loved working here and it’s time to sit back and enjoy life.”

VAA has been fortunate to have Connie for so long to greet each one of us with a smile every day. Her influence and impact have been felt by each employee, client, and visitor.

Connie joined VAA in 1992 and is the first face that most people see when they come to work and when they visit us at VAA.  She has transcribed thousands of hand-written pages of scribbles that many people could never decipher.  When she started, she was typing on a ribbon typewriter with no correction tape and signed people in and out of the office on a magnetic board with the employee names written in dry-erase marker.

Connie has seen incredible change over her tenure at VAA.  The company has grown from 14 people to a cast of over 250.  And even though we have grown that much, everyone still knows who Connie is. For 31 years, she has welcomed VAA employees and visitors with a smile and warmth that represents the best of VAA’s culture. She has supported countless meetings, company events, administrative tasks, and requests over the years, and we appreciate the commitment that she has given VAA.

Please join us in thanking Connie for her decades of service and wishing her the very best in her next chapter.

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