| October 11, 2022

Jennifer Vecellio Joins VAA as Marketing Director

Consulting is about forging true connections and adding value. If you add value to what you’re doing, the relationship will naturally follow. It’s exciting to join a company and leadership group that has such a strong work history and relationships with clients, vendors, and employees.

Making connections is at the center of everything Jennifer does. Whether working alongside clients or colleagues or mentoring a team member, she’s not only driven to do her best but to inspire others too. She believes leaders have an opportunity to make a real difference with their team, impacting their professional development and work experience.

Jennifer loves traveling, spending time with family and friends, and being active outdoors. She’s peddled 110 miles (with a 10,000-foot elevation gain) in the Rocky Mountains, and she’s also biked west to east across the entire state of Iowa. She’s a proud mom of four children, one of which is an active-duty military member.

Let's connect.

Whether you need a new or expanded facility, a process designed or debottlenecked, life safety or structural analysis… VAA can help you grow.

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