| December 15, 2016

Owosso Welcomes Cargill Feed Mill

The buzz at last week’s groundbreaking event for Cargill’s new $19 million feed facility in Shiawassee County was felt among project partners and community representatives. Nick Hubbard and Jared McCabe attended the event on behalf of VAA to field questions about our track and structural engineering. A 3D video created by VAA gave attendees a glance at what the finished facility would look like. We are thrilled to be a team member helping make the first Cargill animal feed production facility in Michigan a reality and collaborate with the many moving parts of the project.

“It was a humbling experience to be a part of this event and hear directly from a number of local, state and federal representatives. This project has a ton of support from all of the above and everyone is very excited, happy and thankful for this project to be happening in Shiawassee County / Owosso, Michigan,” said Hubbard.

The unconventional flat storage feed facility will house 24 compartments able to hold a total of 135,000 cubic feet of ingredients. A front-end loader will gather the products that will ultimately be measured, conveyed, mixed and distributed. At any given time, the facility has the capacity to distribute 12 different end-products to support Michigan’s robust dairy economy.

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