| October 10, 2023

Partner Transition at VAA – Keith Jacobson and David Olheiser

As we look to the future here at VAA, we have some news we would like to share. After over two decades with VAA, it is with great appreciation for their work and dedication we announce that David Olheiser and Keith Jacobson will be transitioning out of their VAA Partner roles at the end of 2023. While both Keith and David will be leaving their Partner roles, they will both be working at VAA in 2024 in various roles.

I have had the pleasure of working with both Keith and David as my Partners over the past 17 years and have appreciated all they have brought to VAA, as well as their friendship. As we look to the transition, I would like to share a little bit about both David and Keith’s time at VAA and their future plans:

David joined VAA in 2005 working in our Ag and Industrial markets, ultimately growing in his career to a VAA partner.

  • David has played a significant part in Business Development and Client relationships in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) and Canada.
  • He has been active with GEAPS and their Education and Programming committee.
  • David has shown his strong commitment to mentoring over the past years, taking time to mentor staff and educate others on the Ag market and design.
  • Looking forward into 2024, David’s new role will continue to focus on business development, including supporting the Marine Engineering group, Ports, Ag and Industrial clients and projects.

Keith joined VAA in 1998, serving as a lead Structural Engineer to our Buildings market clients. His knack for business, financial acumen, legal knowledge, and structural engineering expertise led him to become VAA’s President in 2005. Keith served as a Partner in VAA for 22 years!

  • Keith has had an instrumental role in the development of our expertise in the Buildings market, serving many clients for over 2 decades!
  • Outside of VAA, Keith has served on multiple ACI committees and has been President of both ACEC/MN and the Minnesota Concrete Council.
  • He took over as VAA President in 2005 and helped lead VAA through both challenging and favorable years. And he taught me and other Partners a great deal about running a business.
  • Looking into 2024, Keith will continue to work with VAA in a reduced capacity to support our clients and projects, manage legal/risk, help guide and mentor our staff, and be a respected advisor for VAA.

It is with mixed emotions that I wish both David and Keith the very best of luck in the next chapter of their lives. I will miss them as Partners, but I am very happy they will still have a presence at VAA in 2024!

VAA, along with David and Keith, will be working through this change to ensure a smooth transition for our clients and industry partners. If you have any questions, please reach out to David, Keith, or me.

Thank you all! VAA is continually grateful for your partnership and support.

Jeff Schrock, PE

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