| December 30, 2019

Scott Stangeland Bids Us Au Revoir

After 19 years, Scott retired from VAA at the end of 2016. He held many titles over the course of his professional tenure, serving as a Senior Structural Engineer, Partner, President and CEO. In his spare time, he became a pilot, a world traveler and well-versed in the French language. But as Scott bids us au revoir, what’s left between the lines of titles and hobbies? It is Scott’s dedication that has established VAA’s business development model and shaped the learning culture for employees to thrive in their roles.

Working to change VAA’s approach to the way we do work, Scott said, “We made a conscious effort to focus on a handful of clients, provide them with exceptional service and grow thoughtfully from there.” Rather than a project-specific focus, he championed a business model based on internal team building and outstanding service to clients, guiding VAA to exponential growth and development into new markets.

“It’s encouraging to build something and know you have good people ready to take charge,” Scott reflected. “I really trust and believe in the people I’m leaving behind to lead the company.” We are truly indebted to Scott for his lasting influence and wish him well in his next adventures.

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