| June 23, 2023

The Latest in Fire Sprinkler Innovation from Kelly Davidson of Viking Sprinkler

Did you know how imperative fire sprinklers are in preventing damage to building structures, as well as preventing death and injury?  Buildings with sprinklers installed actually experience 90 percent less property damage, reduce loss of life by 89 percent and prevent firefighter injury by 60 percent.   And, even more interesting, typically just 1 sprinkler is needed to control a fire.   Additionally, the number one reason why Sprinkler systems fail is due to being shut off.   With outstanding stats like that, it’s easy to see why a Sprinkler system is a vital part of any new or existing building structure.

Beyond the interesting snapshot of fire sprinkler stats, Davidson also digs into the history of fire protection and shares the latest in fire suppression technology in his cutting-edge presentation.  Interested in learning more?  Check out the entire video here.

Davidson started in the industry at the early age of 15 working in a fire sprinkler fabrication shop.  Over the years Kelly transitioned through various positions throughout the US that strengthened his fire sprinkler knowledge and skillset. Kelly is now a Branch Manager with a national focus for Viking in Duluth, MN.

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