| January 20, 2017

The Power of People

Thirteen. Thirteen is the number of Mentor / Mentee pairings that participated in VAA’s 2016 Mentor Program. Established in 2011, the Program offers benefits beyond knowledge sharing to support staff in areas which can be overshadowed in a technically-driven industry. The mentoring relationship develops employee skills to navigate unfamiliar situations and better understand business and social practices. It also creates a platform to share useful context gained from experience which can’t be taught in a class or found in a book.

The VAA Mentor Program has staff complete a comprehensive questionnaire for both mentor and mentee roles. An internal committee reviews the materials submitted and matches individuals based on goals and a workplace behavioral assessment tool to maximize outcomes for applicants in the Program.

“With varying degrees of leadership and technical skills, we have a strong base for sharing knowledge and creating lasting relationships among staff that bodes well in a Mentor Program,” said Mary Pettit, HR Manager and Mentor Program Director.

The sixth year of the Mentor Program kicks-off with 10 teams meeting in January and will continue the efforts to strengthen VAA from the inside out.

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