| September 6, 2018

VAA 2018 Canstruction Build

Let’s Go Local: The 2018 CAN Sculpture

Reinvigorating a section of the Mississippi Riverfront, August Schell Brewing Company (Schell’s) recently relit the iconic Grain Belt Beer sign. Both Schell’s and Grain Belt boast local longevity with over a century of Minnesota history and business. Known for industry innovations and introducing craft beers to the Midwest in 1984, Schell’s purchased the beloved Minnesota label in August 2002. Since then, Schell’s has maintained its standing as the largest brewery in Minnesota. As Grain Belt Beer celebrates 125 years in 2018, the 48’ tall LED sign and the company it represents is a testament to Minnesota’s dedication to going local.

Depicting miniature versions of the Grain Belt Beer sign and part of the Hennepin Avenue bridge, VAA’s 2018 Canstruction build hopes to echo the landmark’s sentiment by shedding light on the issue of hunger in our local community. After a decade participating in this event, our team has seen thousands of meals contributed and dollars selflessly donated. We think of Canstruction as more than a friendly competition – it’s an iconic community effort toward change. Help support what’s local by reducing hunger in our community.

Why We Participate:
One decade. Thousands of cans. Countless lives impacted.

Canstruction is a non-profit organization responsible for organizing annual design-build competitions across the United States. Giant sized structures made entirely out of canned food are built and displayed as public art exhibits. At the close of the competition, the dismantled food used in the structures is donated to local food banks, which, in the Minnesota competition, is Second Harvest Heartland – the Upper Midwest’s largest hunger relief food organization.

VAA is proud to support Second Harvest Heartland (SHH) through monetary donations and participation in this event. This year’s annual Canstruction competition will be held September 15 – 17 in the Rotunda of the Mall of America. We hope you can join us or consider donating to the cause.

VAA is privileged to have Schell’s support for this year’s build.

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