| June 23, 2023

VAA’s Travis Beck Shares Tips on Navigating the International Building Code

The International Building Code, or IBC for short, can be difficult to navigate even for those well-versed in it.  In a presentation shared in May, Beck kicks off the discussion about the IBC by detailing how who has jurisdiction plays a vital role in what part of the IBC is followed.  From city to county, jurisdictions that use third-party code services and “choose your own adventure” states such as Illinois & Texas, Beck dives into the intricate ins and outs of expertly navigating the IBC by jurisdiction.

Beck’s presentation doesn’t stop at discussing jurisdictions, he dives much deeper into the code in an hour-long presentation with all the need-to-know details of the IBC.  Check out the whole video here. 

Beck is an Associate and Senior Industrial Architect; VAA’s go-to guy for building codes, life safety codes, design and constructability expertise. He is licensed in over half of the states across the country. Beck loves teaching and sharing his safety knowledge with clients and co-workers. He also puts his teaching skills to use as a Scout leader, noting if you can spend six days camping with a crew of 13-year-old Scouts, an average workweek seems pretty easy.

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